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Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) - DIY FAR/AIM Tabs 2024

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FAR/AIM book not included

Studying to become a CFI? Wondering how to best tab your far aim? These professional, durable tabs are pre-printed with easy to follow directions so you can easily place them in your far aim!


  • 75 printed, durable, brightly colored, legible tabs
  • Each tab highlights points of focus from the FAA's own suggested study list.
  • Dot stickers that color correspond to your tabs so that you can highlight the exact regulation you need. Its easy to get lost in the FAR/AIM- even when you're on the right page! Keep your eyes from wandering by pairing each tab with a corresponding dot!
  • A page that tells you where to put each tab on so that you don't waste precious time flipping through the pages looking for the right regulations*
  • Is there a problem with your order? Let us know within 30-days and get your money back! This item may be subject to exceptions. Refer to our return/exchange policy for more information.

What do the colors mean?

Each copy of the DIY Private Pilot Tabs will come with a color guide that details how to interpret each color used on these tabs. The tabs are color coded by General Pilot regulations, Instructor regulations and AIM Chapters. Two-Toned tabs are used when two or more tabs are on the same page. This makes finding individual regulations easier when they are on the same page. 

 What is tabbed out?

The tabs are created from ASA’s suggested study list (found in the FAR/AIM itself). Not every single regulation found on the list is tabbed out (in order to prevent overcrowding the book with tabs). Instead, the most important and commonly focused-on regulations have been tabbed. 

What does DIY mean?

DIY stands for Do it Yourself. To use these tabs, you will need your own copy of the ASA FARAIM. These are just the tabs for you to place yourself.

**Not pictured; page numbers based on ASA FAR/AIM

***FAR/AIM book not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jonathan Sherwood
Excellent product

Super professional looking, I recommend putting them in yourself, always helps me remember where a specific reg is at without even looking at the tab just because I went through and put them in myself

Enrique Gomez
Neat and Organized

I purchased the book with the tabs in place for Private, Commercial and Instruments. I am adding the Certified Flight Instructor tabs myself.
This is an excellent tool to have a neat, clear, sharp and organized FAR/AIM book. If it wasn't for this my book would be a mess.
Thank you.