Aviation Book FAQs

1. How soon can I get my order?

We ship our pre-tabbed FAR/AIM books with USPS priority shipping. Once your order is placed, your book typically ships out within 2 business days. Depending on where you live in the country, your order can take between 2-4 days to arrive (we ship from the Pacific Northwest) once shipped. We currently do not offer rush shipping.

DIY tabs are shipped out with USPS 1st Class Mail and can take between 1-5 days to arrive. Again, no rush shipping is offered.


2. What do the colors of the tab mean? How are the tabs organized?

The tabs are colored in order to differentiate them from one another. As many of the regulations are closely grouped together in the book, having tabs of different colors helps you to quickly visually acquire the tab you are looking for.

The tabs are ordered by Part (Part 61, 91, etc.) Tabs that are specific to instrument regulations will say ‘IFR’ on them. 


3. What is tabbed out?

The tabs are created from ASA’s suggested study list (found in the FAR/AIM itself). Not every single regulation found on the list is tabbed out (in order to prevent overcrowding the book with tabs). Instead, the most important and commonly focused-on regulations have been tabbed. 


4. Isn't this book considered cheating?

No! The FAA, your CFIs, your DPEs and your future passengers all depend on you, the pilot, to know the regulations both for safety and for competent, efficient operations. To that end, it is almost a 100% certainty that you as a student pilot have been instructed to tab out your own FAR/AIM.

So why do we offer pre-tabbed FAR/AIMs? 

  1. To save you time! Don’t waste your time flipping back and forth between the suggested study list and the page. Don’t waste your time hand writing tabs. Let us do that for you and go straight to studying.
  2. Sometimes, hand writing can let you down. Forget squinting at scribbles trying to figure out what that tab you wrote says.
  3. Flight bags get messy and tabs can get ruined in there. Our plastic, highly adhesive tabs are certainly more durable than paper sticky notes.

5. How does this book help me?

See answer question #4

6. If I get this book, do I still need to study the FAR/AIM?

Yes! The FAR/AIM is a document filled to the brim with important information for all pilots. Not every single regulation will pertain to every single pilot but nothing bad has ever happened to the pilot who is too knowledgeable. Golden nuggets of information abound in the pages of the FAR/AIM and although you may not find everything you read to be immediately useful, it just may be that one day in your piloting career, you will be glad you studied the regulations! 

Just because the tabs are there does not mean that you know the content of the regulations! These tabs are only as helpful as you make them. Remember: these tabs are a study tool!