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Aviation Weather Handbook ASA

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Pilots and dispatchers must learn to deal with all aspects of weather, including how to appreciate good weather, recognize and respect marginal or hazardous weather, and avoid violent weather. This knowledge and the ability to make sound weather decisions are critical to the successful outcome of all flights. This book discusses each aspect of weather as it relates to aircraft operation and flight safety and provides information on the tools available for flight planning and inflight weather decisions, including observations, analyses, and forecasts.

The information in this handbook applies to students, experienced pilots, and flight instructors alike and is a key reference for meteorology and weather services pertinent to FAA Knowledge Exams and airman certification. It is a comprehensive resource for what you need to know about weather to fly safely in both visual (VMC) and instrument (IMC) meteorological conditions. Subjects covered include the U.S. aviation weather service program; weather briefings; weather theory and aviation hazards; meteorology; mountain, tropical, arctic, and space weather; observations (ASOS, AWOS, METAR, PIREP, radar); weather charts; advisories (including AIRMET, SIGMET, wind shear); forecasts (TAF, FA); online weather resources and flight planning tools; and much more.

The examples and explanations are supported with online references for further weather resources, definitions, and related FAA publications. Illustrated throughout with detailed, full-color drawings and photographs.

This important Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Handbook updates and consolidates information previously available in six different Advisory Circulars:

AC 00-6, Aviation Weather
AC 00-24, Thunderstorms
AC 00-30, Clear Air Turbulence Avoidance
AC 00-45, Aviation Weather Services
AC 00-54, Pilot Windshear Guide
AC 00-57, Hazardous Mountain Winds

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Raymond Klotz
Aviation weather handbook ASA

Very well written and easy to understand.

Gary S.
Aeronautical weather and Pilot

Excellent material, I highly recommend this business.