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Pre-Order 2023 - Private Pilot - Pre-Tabbed FAR/AIM

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  • This is a pre-order product. Shipping is expected to take place Early to Mid November. ASA will begin shipping the FAR/AIM out on Nov. 1. 
  • If you require a pre-tabbed FAR/AIM sooner, please check out our pre-tabbed Gleim FAR/AIMs. In stock and shipping now. 
  • You will receive a tracking notice when the item ships out. 
  • Please be aware that your payment will be captured during the pre-order process.
  • Item may not arrive as pictured. The book cover along with the color/shape/style of tabs are subject to change. 
  • Please direct any specific inquiries to

Product Info

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For Student Pilots seeking a quick reference guide to commonly referenced Private Pilot License Regulations. Whether you are a brand new student pilot going after your shiny new Private Pilot’s License (PPL), or you are a seasoned aviator with multiple ratings under your belt, you’re going to need to know the regulations. This Pre-Tabbed 2023 ASA FAR AIM will help make accomplishing that a breeze. 

This pre-tabbed 2023 ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics) FAR/AIM highlights areas you should become familiar with as you study for your PPL Checkride:

  • 50 durable plastic tabs will last in even the most cluttered of flight bags, and will help you study and look like a professional!
  • Each tab highlights points of focus from the FAA's own suggested study list.
  • It's easy to get lost in the FAR/AIM- even when you're on the right page! Each colored tab has a corresponding colored dot next to the relevant regulation so your eyes don't go wandering when the pressure is on!
  • Is there a problem with your order? Let us know within 30-days and get your money back! This item may be subject to exceptions. Refer to our return/exchange policy for more information.

What do the colors mean?

Our tabs are all about being able to find info quickly. To that end, our tabs are different colors to give them a distinct appearance in contrast to the tabs around them. We found that when all the tabs were just one or two colors, they all blended together and did not make finding information all that much faster or easier. This tabbed far aim does require some study and familiarization to make full use of the tabs but once you’ve gone over the tabs a few times, finding information should be a breeze! We’ve helped thousands of pilots since 2020 and we hope we’ll be able to help you study as well!

 What is tabbed out?

The tabs are created from ASA’s suggested study list (found in the FAR/AIM itself). Not every single regulation found on the list is tabbed out (in order to prevent overcrowding the book with tabs). Instead, the most important and commonly focused-on regulations have been tabbed. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Worth the price

Was shipped within the same day of purchasing, and the tabs + stickers on the pages are great.


Zero regrets about buying the Private Pilot-Pre-Tabbed 2022 ASA FAR/AIM. Well worth the money to alleviate the headache and time that I would have spent had I done it myself. Looking forward to buying the next edition with the instrument and commercial tabs too.

Worth it

I debated over getting a regular book and tabbing it myself or buying one already done. I recently received my tabbed FAR/AIM for PPL and I'm very happy I bought it. I especially like the color dots next to the regulation that matches the tab color because sometimes there are more than one tab on a page. Once I progress to the next level , I expect the 2023 version to be out and I'll definitely buy from Northstar again.

Christian Bell
Nicely and cleanly tabbed, well worth the price

Everyone who flies needs the FAR/AIM guide, and this pre-tabbed version makes it super quick to find what you need for Private Pilot needs. You could waste time and money doing it yourself, but the results won’t be nearly as clean and professional looking as this. This should be a no-brainer purchase for every PPL student and certificate holder—great example of aviation money well spent.


Shipped same day as order and arrived quick! The tabs with corresponding dots on pages make finding relevant information fast!