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Private Pilot - 2023 ASA Pre-Tabbed FAR/AIM

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  • The item pictured on this page is not the item that will ship out. The current picture is used as a placeholder while new product photos are being developed. The actual Private Pilot Pre-tabbed FARAIM will have two, not four, tabs along the top of the book.
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    Product Info

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    For Student Pilots seeking a quick reference guide to commonly referenced Private Pilot License Regulations. Whether you are a brand new student pilot going after your shiny new Private Pilot’s License (PPL), or you are a seasoned aviator with multiple ratings under your belt, you’re going to need to know the regulations. This Pre-Tabbed 2023 ASA FAR AIM will help make accomplishing that a breeze. 

    This pre-tabbed 2023 ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics) FAR/AIM highlights areas you should become familiar with as you study for your PPL Checkride:

    • 50 durable plastic tabs will last in even the most cluttered of flight bags, and will help you study and look like a professional!
    • Each tab highlights points of focus from the FAA's own suggested study list.
    • It's easy to get lost in the FAR/AIM- even when you're on the right page! Each colored tab has a corresponding colored dot next to the relevant regulation so your eyes don't go wandering when the pressure is on!
    • Is there a problem with your order? Let us know within 30-days and get your money back! This item may be subject to exceptions. Refer to our return/exchange policy for more information.

    What do the colors mean?

    Each copy of the Private Pilot Pre-Tabbed FAR/AIM will come with a color guide that details how to interpret each color used on these tabs. The tabs are color coded by Private Pilot regulations and AIM Chapters. Two-Toned tabs are used when two or more tabs are on the same page. This makes finding individual regulations easier when they are on the same page. 

     What is tabbed out?

    The tabs are created from ASA’s suggested study list (found in the FAR/AIM itself). Not every single regulation found on the list is tabbed out (in order to prevent overcrowding the book with tabs). Instead, the most important and commonly focused-on regulations have been tabbed. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 98 reviews
    Patrick Barnes
    Suits my purpose

    This product has the content, emphasis and tabbing that I expected. It looks as it should with a slick format and is about as you can get with this much regulatory material.

    Chris P. Bacon

    Awesome book, the tabbed version is a MUST have and totally worth every penny! 🙂

    Ratchanida Boonnuea
    Good book

    Nice and neat! My bf likes it.

    Liusbel Acosta Serrano

    I was really pleased, for how fast the delivery was and the quality of the service. Thank you very much for the dedication note inside the book. I am from the old school and in my opinion, not everything can be digital. Thank you for such an excellent job marking the important topics and each chapter. I was really very happy with the book.


    The pre-tab is totally worth the money! Very easy to find information. Also, they did a great job packaging the book for shipping, all tabs were intact when received. Very happy with the purchase.