2023 ASA FAR/AIM To Be Released This November

2023 ASA FAR/AIM To Be Released This November

In past years, ASA has released new editions of the FAR/AIM around August/September. However, as we all know, the past year in particular has turned supply chains on their heads and getting supplies to manufacturers has been a challenge across every industry. Book manufacturers are no exception. 

ASA knows this all too well as they first ran out of their usual format of FAR/AIMs in the first half of 2022. The company sold out of the familiar 6x9x2 format of FAR/AIM and had to print out a special run of “special printings”. These books look a bit thicker than the usual FAR/AIM. However, student pilots, private pilots, certified flight instructors etc. will be happy to know that the content and page numbers all remain the same. 

Now ASA has notified customer’s that the 2023 FAR/AIM edition will be coming later than usual- November 2023. An exact date was not specified during a phone call with a customer service associate at ASA. However, we were able to confirm that the usual format of past FAR/AIMs will thankfully be returning. 

If you have a checkride coming up before November this year, then please take a look at our products to help you study more efficiently! We have pre-tabbed FAR/AIMs available for Private Pilots, Instrument Pilots and Commercial Pilots, in addition to DIY tabs. 

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