Big News: 2024 ASA FAR/AIM Pre-Orders are Almost Here

Big News: 2024 ASA FAR/AIM Pre-Orders are Almost Here

Pilots, aviators, professionals and students,

It’s that time of year again! The 2024 FAR/AIM by ASA is rumored to go on sale Mid-August 2023. We don’t have a specific shipping date just yet but we’re happy to share all the information that we do have below.

The FAR/AIM by ASA contains the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM). These are rules, procedures and industry best practices for aviators including regulations pertinent to student pilots, pilots, drone operators, and instructors. Many refer to this book as the Pilot’s Bible and has been an invaluable tool for pilots at ever level for many years.

If you’ve been studying flight at any level at all, you’ve probably run into the many regulations that keep pilots safe and operations efficient. This FAR/AIM is the primary source of these regulations so you’ll definitely want to study it and have it close at hand- not only for checkrides but for flight lessons, ground lessons and written exam preparation.

When will Pre-Orders open for Pre-Tabbed versions and DIY Tabs?

Pre-orders for Northstar Aviation Pre-Tabbed FAR/AIMs are expected to go live on Monday July 17th. Make sure you get your pre-order in so you can get your copy ASAP. Pre-orders will ship out in the sequence that pre-orders are placed. As always, if you have an upcoming checkride, you can always ask us to see if we can expedite. Expedited orders are not guaranteed for pre-orders as we don’t have a set-in-stone date yet for when we will receive the books.  

How do Pre-Orders work?

Pre-orders can be made by finding the pre-order item of your choosing in our “Pre-Order” collection on our homepage. The easiest way to navigate to this page (when it goes up on July 17th) is to simply go to

Payment will be collected as soon as you place your order. We repeat- payment will be collected immediately! That way, we will have everything in place to ship as soon as possible once we receive and assemble the pre-tabbed books and DIY tabs. 

What Items will be available for Pre-Order?


Pre-Tabbed FAR/AIM

DIY Tabs

Private Pilot

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot

Private + Instrument Combo

Private + Instrument + Commercial Combo

Certified Flight Instructor

CFI + CFII (Instrument Instructor) Combo

I have a checkride coming soon. Should I pre-order the 2024? Or should I get the 2023?

The 2024 FARAIMs are expected to arrive in mid-August 2023. Again, we do not have a specific date yet. Here is our best advice: If you have a checkride coming before the second week of August 2023, then we recommend you grab the 2023 version that is currently available for sale now. This will allow you maximum time to study. Moreover- its not like the information in the 2023 version is suddenly sour and go bad! Relatively little changes from year to year so you can definitely still use your 2023 version into the future. However, it is best practice to take the latest version in with you to checkrides so specifically if you have an exam coming, make sure you get the latest available! 

What Changes Can We Expect?

Changes to the FAR/AIM can be found at ASA’s website at this link:

How will these items be shipped out?

Pre-tabbed FAR/AIMs will be shipped using our free-shipping: USPS Priority. This means that you can expect your item in 2-3 business days once shipped (contiguous US only; 3-4 days HI and AK). If you are interested in UPS Next Day Air, please contact us for a quote.

DIY Tabs will be shipped out using USPS First-Class and can be expected in 2-5 days once shipped. 

Please note that we ship using USPS and not UPS. That means the mailman will deliver your package to a mailbox, PO Box, parcel locker or doorstep- Not the brown uniform box truck UPS driver! Please be sure to check your mailboxes!

What other items are on sale?

Northstar Aviation offers many items besides our signature Pre-Tabbed FAR/AIMs and DIY Tabs. Training resources from Oral Exam Guides to Pilot Handbooks such as the Airplane Flying Handbook, Aviation Weather Handbook, Instrument Flying Handbook and PHAK are all available for your study. Not to mention Test Prep books and prepware! Be sure to check in with our Pilot Resources collection to see what’s available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Northstar Aviation References brings you the Pre-Tabbed ASA FAR/AIM, DIY tabs for your FAR/AIM and other pilot resources such as prepware so that you can more easily study the regulations that form the foundation of your flying career or hobby. Have any questions? Check out our FAQs page or contact us. Check out other blog posts here.