Thank you for choosing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) FAR/AIM Tabs. On this page you will find an instructional video that will show you how to install your tabs, as well as current and past year's tab page numbers. If you need anything more please contact

How to Install Your Northstar Aviation DIY Tabs

Video Time Stamps

00:00 Introduction & Package Contents
03:00 How to place your FAR/AIM Tabs along the side
13:44 How to place the Top of Page Tabs
19:19 How to place Dot Stickers for Combo Versions (PPL + Inst.) (PPL + Inst + Comm) (CFI) (CFII)
27:39 How to place Dot Stickers for Standalone Versions (Private) (Instrument) (Commercial)
32:55 How to remove a Tab if you make a mistake
35:54 Conclusion

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